Asmongold Gets Angry At Chat After Dying In Elden Ring Boss Fight

Asmongold had a tough time with a boss in Elden Ring, but it was made much worse after he had to deal with his chat offering suggestions on how to beat it.

Asmon’s time in Elden Ring has been mostly positive, with the streamer stating that he loves the game. But everyone runs into that boss that acts as a total roadblock eventually, and for Asmon that fight came fairly late into the game.

If you don’t want to know any Elden Ring boss spoilers, this is a warning as the boss in question is a pretty major one.

Elden Ring: How to reach Mount Gelmir and Volcano Manor
Credit: FromSoftware

Elden Ring Boss Troubles

After reaching the end boss of Volcano Manor, Rykard, Asmongold found himself stuck. He died a good amount of times, but the suggestions from his viewers pushed him over the edge.

He said, “I don’t want to deal with that right now. Let me just play the f**king game the way I want to play it, alright? Stop telling me what to do. I can beat the f**king boss. I don’t need the special ability. All I need to do is stop playing like a f**king idiot. That’s it. There’s no fine print. There’s nothing. Shut the f**k up, I know what I’m doing.”

Despite ignoring chat’s suggestions, he continued to struggle with the fight. However, he did eventually beat the boss. So let this be a lesson to all streamers, you don’t always need to listen to what your chat is saying in order to win.

Are you having as much trouble as Asmongold with a certain Elden Ring boss? Let us know who it is on social media.

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Featured Image Credit: Asmongold