Pokimane Calls Out Twitch Chat For Criticising Her Naturally Curly Hair

Pokimane has recently changed how she styles her hair, sparking her viewers mixed reactions and confused feelings towards the new style. Pokimane has been accused of ‘blackfacing’, despite the fact that the hair in question is just her natural hair – she is of Moroccan-Canadian nationality. A viewer decided to call her out live on … Read more


Streamers Say Twitch Needs To Do More To Tackle Racist Hate Raids

A spike in racist “hate raids” on Twitch has prompted streamers to call on the platform to improve. Content creators have called on Twitch to make the platform less hostile for black people. This comes after hate raids, where groups swarm a streamer’s chat and post hate, increased during Black History Month. The #TwitchDoBetter movement … Read more

xQc Accidentally Leaks Overwatch 2 Live On Stream

xQc recently gave us our first glimpse at the Overwatch 2 experience when he accidentally loaded it up live on stream. There’s a beta due to drop in April this year for Overwatch 2, and Overwatch League players already have access to the beta in order to practice. It turns out, xQc is one of … Read more

Asmongold Admits To Using A Dead Rat As An Alarm Clock

Asmongold has revealed on stream about an utterly wild method he once used to try and wake himself up with a dead rat. In a livestream, Asmongold spoke about how he didn’t used to own an alarm clock, and thus he decided, in all of his wisdom, to use a dead rat as his method … Read more

Amouranth Shuts Down Claim That Successful Streamers Must Be ‘Hot’

It’s often found that female streamers are under fire from various members of a community and an audience for simply being attractive, or accused of using attractiveness to become successful. Famous Twitch Streamer Amouranth has weighed in on the issue, and what she has to say might interest you. Amouranth had the following to say … Read more

Pokimane Agrees With Mizkif That Women Have Easier Starts On Twitch

Pokimane has agreed with a claim by fellow streamer Mizkif that women have an easier time getting started on Twitch. Imane “Pokimane” Anys is Twitch’s most-followed woman and one of the most popular streamers in the world. However, Twitch has always been a predominantly male platform. Streamer Mizkif stated on his stream recently that women … Read more