PDP Nintendo Switch Comic Attack Rematch Controller Review

PDP is an officially-licensed game controller manufacturer and its new Nintendo Switch Comic Attack is affordable and customisable, making it the best Christmas gift for gamers.

I’ve been playing with PDP‘s Comic Attack Rematch¬†Controller for the Nintendo Switch for the past few weeks, and I have to say it’s a fantastic addition to any gaming setup. Not only is it comfortable to hold in your palms, but it’s also got a number of features that help it stand out from the competition.

One such standout feature is the controller’s non-slip grips. It has a textured surface that provides a secure grip, which is helpful for the long amounts of time you’ll be playing. This is especially useful for players who tend to get sweaty palms during intense gaming sessions.

pdp comic attack

The curved triggers and shoulder buttons are another great feature of PDP’s controller. This design allows your hands to adopt a more comfortable stance, which can help prevent fatigue over longer sessions. These buttons are also incredibly responsive and provide a satisfying tactile feedback, making them a joy to use.

The back paddles located on the back of the controller are another superb feature, as they can be mapped to any key, allowing you to assign different functions to them depending on the game you’re playing. This feature is for players who want to have more control at their fingertips, and assists greatly for games that require different combos.

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I also really love the Comic Attack’s function button, which can be used in a variety of ways. By pressing it in conjunction with the back paddles, you can change the button mapping to suit your personal preferences. You can also use the function button in with the up and down buttons on the control stick to adjust the headset volume, or you can double tap it to quickly mute your microphone. It simply adds more degrees of customisation to your experience.

pdp comic attack

But far beyond that, the Comic Attack also has a number of other notable features. One of these is its removable faceplate, which allows you to easily swap out the default faceplate for another one. This is a neat feature for players who want to customise the look of their controller, or for those who want to use different faceplates for different games.

Another feature that I appreciated about the Comic Attack is the headset jack, which allows me to use my favourite gaming headset with the controller. The function button can be used to adjust the volume, and pressing up or down on the control stick allows me to easily change the volume on the fly. This is a convenient feature that allows me to enjoy my games with high-quality audio.

Despite its many strengths, the PDP Nintendo Switch Comic Attack Rematch controller does have some drawbacks to keep the costs down. One of the most notable is the lack of rumble functionality. This may not be a deal breaker for everyone, but for those who enjoy the added immersion that rumble provides, it is definitely something to consider. After all there are some games, such as Super Mario Odyssey and Skyrim, which feature creative uses of rumble that you may miss.

pdp comic attack

This also means the controller doesn’t have NFC functionality, where you can’t use the controller to interact with certain NFC-enabled items, such as Amiibo figures. For those who enjoy using their Amiibos with their Switch, it is worth noting you may need to have an alternative at hand.

Another potential drawback is its button layout. The “Home” and “Capture” buttons are located on the top of the controller, which can be inconvenient to reach during gameplay, and may throw you off if you’re too used to the original Switch Pro controller. It would be more intuitive if these buttons were swapped with the “Plus” and “Minus” buttons.

The controller is also wired, which means it doesn’t require batteries or charging. While some players may prefer the convenience of going wireless, the wired design offers the advantage of having no input lag and being much lighter to hold.

If you’re all about the aesthetics, the¬†Comic Attack also looks really cool thanks to its graphic face design; featuring Mario, Luigi, and Bowser on the front. It also has a plain-white colour scheme that matches the Nintendo Switch OLED, making it a suitable aesthetic match for the system.

Similarly, another neat visual trick of the controller is the LED light-up “Home” button to show that it’s connected. This is a nice touch that adds additional visual flair to the controller, and makes it easy to tell at a glance whether it is connected or not.

Overall, the PDP Comic Attack Rematch is a well-designed controller that is comfortable, customisable, and fun to use. Although it arrives with some shortcomings, such as an awkward button layout and limited wired design, overall the affordable price point and convenient features make it worth a purchase for those Switch gamers seeking a new controller.

Featured Image Credit: PDP