Top 10 worst reviewed games of 2022 so far

While 2022 has seen amazing games like Elden Ring grace consoles, there have been some truly questionable games too. Here are some of the worst games released in 2022.

For every brilliant game we play, there must be an equally terrible one to remind us just how lucky we are. Sure, we pour all hopes into huge and small releases, but sometimes they just don’t hit the mark.

Here are 10 of the most disappointing and ill-reviewed games in 2022.

10. crossfirex

Remedy Entertainment have been hitting out the park with releases such as Quantum Break and Control, but unfortunately CrossfireX ends that streak. While Remedy handled the single-player elements, Smilegate Entertainment took the liberty of bringing the multiplayer to life. There are some elements of CrossfireX that FPS fans may enjoy, but ultimately there isn’t much a pulse in this derivative addition to the genre.

9. postal 4: no regrets

The Postal franchise has always set out to be ridiculous and offensive, but Postal 4: No Regrets isn’t even in on its own joke. The fourth entry sports poor performance, dated gameplay and even older humour. No Regrets is nothing more than a parody of its own series.

8. Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong

There are certainly defenders out there for this one, but mostly, Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong is a divisive mess. Exploring mysteries and solving particularly challenging puzzles might offer redemption for some players, but its woeful storytelling and bizarre glitches kept this one from truly shining.

7. zorro: the chronicles

Sadly, the days of Antonio Banderas’ fantastic turn of the character are gone. Now, you’ll have to put up with Zorro: The Chronicles for a fix of swashbuckling action. If there was action to be had of. While the game certainly has an aesthetic charm for a younger audience, this hollow adaptation of the fabled character leaves a lot to be desired.

6. liberated: enhanced edition

Plenty of games are going in for the ‘cyberpunk’ aesthetic these days and Liberated is just another to add to the pile. Originally released June 2020, the game has been re-released on PlayStation 4/5, Xbox Series S|X and PC in April of this year. Unfortunately, the newly revamped edition of Liberated failed to use its next-gen trappings to ‘enhance’ its experience.

5. blade runner: enhanced edition

Is the ‘Enhanced Edition’ a new obsession for game developers? Potentially, as the 2022 remaster to the 1997 point-and-click classic has bombed significantly with players. Removing essentially all of the appeal the original had in spades, this lifeless and buggy re-hash certainly made us shed tears in the rain.

4. chocobo gp

A spin-off of the Final Fantasy franchise, Chocobo GP follows up the 1999 racer Chocobo Racing. Released for the Nintendo Switch to celebrate the franchise’s 35th anniversary, the wait didn’t pay off for this limp sequel. Track designs ranged from okay to subpar, while the game’s heavy focus on microtransactions has many liken the follow-up to a mobile game. Speaking of mobile games…

3. diablo immortal

Diablo Immortal didn’t really have any chance of impressing long-time fans of the franchise from the start. Famously thought to be a joke at Blizzcon 2018, the mobile take on the RPG series is rammed full of microtransactions, uninspiring storylines and dodgy voice acting. Just wait for the next Diablo game instead.

2. efootball 2022

eFootball hasn’t barely managed to make a dent in the digital AstroTurf arena, with many lambasting its poor attempt at trying to steal the FIFA crown. Plagued by an army of bugs, poor attention to detail and lacklustre gameplay, eFootball won’t be bringing football home anytime soon.

1. Babylon’s fall

Square Enix have had plenty of success in the past with looter shooters and RPG, but Babylon’s Fall is a low moment for the company. Filled with endless hallways of boring quests to complete, the game is known for having just ONE player active on Steam back in May. What a shame.

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