Top 10 gadgets that failed to take off

The top 10 gadgets that failed to take off

From Transformer inspired MP3 players to an incredibly Sony-Nintendo crossover, here are 10 gadgets that failed to take off. The world of technology is often weird and wonderful, spawning ambitious concepts and equally strange ones too. While some of them manage to take off, many are quickly abandoned and forgotten about. Join us as we … Read more

Top 10 worst reviewed games of 2022 so far

While 2022 has seen amazing games like Elden Ring grace consoles, there have been some truly questionable games too. Here are some of the worst games released in 2022. For every brilliant game we play, there must be an equally terrible one to remind us just how lucky we are. Sure, we pour all hopes … Read more

Top 10 Harry Potter characters ranked from worst to best

Who is the best Harry Potter character? Whether you love Ron Weasley or Hagrid, here are the best characters in the wizarding world. The Harry Potter universe has an ensemble of amazing heroes, loveable fools and dastardly villains. But which Harry Potter character really is the best? 10. Rubeus Hagrid We just want to give … Read more

These 10 games are like GTA but way better

Want to play an open-world game better than GTA? Here are 10 games that are better than Rockstar Games’ iconic franchise. The GTA franchise has been around for decades now, but it can be refreshing to explore other open-world games. If you’re bored of playing Grand Theft Auto 5, then we’ve got a few suggestions … Read more

All 28 MCU Marvel Movies Ranked From Worst to Best

All 29 MCU Marvel Movies Ranked From Worst to Best

Phase 4 is going strong and MCU films are coming out at what seems like a faster pace than ever. After 29 films spanning over 14 years, however, the long-asked question “which Marvel movie is the best?” is more prevalent than ever. Well, from 2008 to 2022, here are all 29 of the MCU Marvel … Read more

The Boys Season 3 Review | Soldiering on Near-Perfection

The Boys Season 3 Review | Soldiering on Near-Perfection

The Boys Season 3 Review – Although adapted from a comic series started in 2006, The Boys series came out of nowhere as an exquisite fit for today’s times – a fused satirical take on the world’s evolved integration of corporate-lead social media, PR, politics, and pop culture. Along the way, the Eric Kripke-lead show … Read more