Govee Glide Hexa Panel Lights Review | A Must Have For Any Home Office

As if gamers didn’t need anymore RGB products to elevate their gaming setups, Govee is back again with another budget-friendly option to decorate your gamer cave. Light bars are always a solid choice, and light strips have been around for years. But if you really want to step up your lighting game, then panels are the way to go. If you’re budget oriented, you really can’t go wrong with Govee’s offering in the Glide Hexa Panel Lights.

Govee Glide Hexa Panel Lights – What are they?

The Govee Glide Hexa Panel Lights are a kit that takes RGB lighting to the next level. Each panel features a set of LEDs that are diffused evenly through a translucent surface. Constructed in a hexagonal shape, these lights can be slotted together in any pattern imaginable and stuck to your wall. Synced up with the Govee app, the kit connects together to create a seamless lightshow of your choosing.

Inside the box is everything you could need to get started, including a handy QR code that guides you through the setup process. Govee offers two kits – a seven pieces of a ten piece kit. Choosing either of these will decide how many of each hexagonal panels you’ll receive in the box. It goes without saying that the more panels you use, the more ambitious patterns you can create. Opting for more panels does come with a price incursion, though.

Also included in the box is the power adapter and a couple of additional adhesive strips. These lights aren’t wireless, so you’ll need to place them somewhere with a power outlet nearby. Expect to have a cable hanging down from somewhere, too – you’ll need to plan ahead if you want the setup to look seamless. There are only a couple of additional adhesive strips, which could cause issues if you decide to rearrange your chosen pattern entirely. Which leads me onto the setup process…

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Govee Glide Hexa Panel Lights – Setup and Compatibility

Overall, the Govee Glide Hexa Panel Lights are relatively easy to set up, though you’ll need to set aside a decent chunk of time to do it properly. It took me just over half an hour, and I was rushing a little. A video in the Govee app walks you through every step, so you can’t really go wrong.

One thing that I wasn’t a huge fan of was that you’re required to choose which pattern you’d like to use before you place them on the wall. While this makes sense from a technical point of view, I would have liked to have experimented with a few different options before making a permanent call. 

The panels stick to the wall via adhesive strips, but only a couple of replacement pieces are included in the box. If you want to rearrange the pattern after the product is stuck to the wall, you’re going to need to source your own additional adhesives. I can see this becoming an issue when I need to move house, too. While the adhesive is certainly easy to set up (and renter friendly!) a more versatile setup function would have been appreciated.

Overall though, the setup process for the Govee Hexa Glide Panels was a breeze – you just need to plan ahead! Just like the rest of Govee’s smart light offerings, these lights link up to Google Home and Alexa hubs. This makes using them in conjunction with other smart items, like the other Phillips Hue products I own, simple. However, if you’d rather just use these products via Bluetooth or with a manual switch, a physical control box can be mounted within reach.

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Govee Glide Hexa Panel Lights – How do they perform?

Taking these panels out of the box, I was already confident that they would be a quality product from the start. Each panel actually has a bit of weight to it, indicating that the build is of a high quality. That quality is replicated in the light that these panels are capable of emitting. When placed to 100% brightness, I often find them too bright to use during a normal office work day. That’s not a criticism at all – it’s a testament to just how good this product is at lighting up a room.

The colours emitted from each panel are perfectly distributed thanks to the frosted coating on the top. Once set up in the app correctly, each of the predetermined effects bleed over into each panel seamlessly. It’s mesmerising to watch, and a definite party piece for when you invite friends over. Part of that is down to the new RGBIC technology that’s included in this product. Each panel is capable of displaying multiple colours at once, making each of the pre-programmed effects pop even more.

The app is preconfigured with plenty of useful scenes for you to enjoy. My personal favourites include one that replicates the light at sunset, and another that gives the warm glow of a fire with occasional flickers to bounce off the wall. Especially in an office setting, this adds to the cosy feel without feeling too distracting.

Of course, you can customise the colour of these panels in any which way you like through the Govee app. It’s extremely responsive and intuitive to use, letting you test out configurations on the fly. The colour hue doesn’t always quite match that of peripherals from other brands, but it’s a mild concern. If you’re already invested in the Govee ecosystem, then these will suit you just fine.

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Govee Glide Hexa Panel Lights – Are they worth your money?

The biggest direct competitor to the Glide Hexa Panel Lights are the similarly shaped kits from Nanoleaf. While competing brands offer similar functionality, they do so at a slightly higher price mark than that of Govee. As such, if you’re looking for a slightly more budget option, then Govee is certainly the way to go.

I do wish that the product was slightly more versatile in how arrangements can be experimented with. However, it’s a small price to pay for a product that looks so damn good once it’s set up properly. Just make sure you plan out your arrangement in advance and you won’t regret your purchase.

A review sample of the Govee Flow Plus Light Bars was provided to FragHero by Govee for review purposes only.

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