PDP Nintendo Switch Comic Attack Rematch Controller Review

PDP is an officially-licensed game controller manufacturer and its new Nintendo Switch Comic Attack is affordable and customisable, making it the best Christmas gift for gamers. I’ve been playing with PDP‘s Comic Attack Rematch Controller for the Nintendo Switch for the past few weeks, and I have to say it’s a fantastic addition to any gaming … Read more

More Rumours Surface About A New Nintendo Switch Console

Although the Nintendo Switch only released pretty recently, back in March 2017, it seems the incredibly successful console is already getting a successor. Japanese publication Nikkei is reporting that a new Switch will be released at some point this year, and it’s not the first time we’ve heard this rumour. According to Nikkei, Nintendo is … Read more

Half Of All Nintendo Switch Players Own These Three Games

It’s been confirmed by Nintendo that 50 per cent of Nintendo Switch owners in the US own the same three games – and it’s not difficult to guess which three. The Switch has three titles of particular note, and tbf it’s not a bad collection of games to own. They – of course – are … Read more

The Nintendo Switch Is Getting A Serious Competitor

As much as you might love your Nintendo Switch, it’s just another thing to carry with you if you want portable gaming in your back pocket, which could mean the Switch might end up going the way of the iPod Classic… For those that just can’t get enough of gaming on the go, but who … Read more