League Of Legends Developer Wants To Make Behavioural Systems Matter

The developers of League Of Legends and Valorant, Riot Games, have released a statement to their website regarding their desire to see behavioural systems change and evolve in their games. It has also laid out a detailed plan, explaining exactly what it intends to do. In the official statement posted to the League Of Legends … Read more

League Of Legends New Champion Renata Makes Enemies Fight Each Other

The latest champion in League of Legends, Renata Glasc, has been revealed. And one of her abilities forces enemies to fight each other to the death. Not long after the new champion Zeri, we’ve got yet another Zaunite champion in Renata Glasc. She has quite a unique design, as she’s an enchanter who relies more … Read more

League of Legends’ Jinx Is Now In Fortnite

The popular League of Legends character Jinx is the latest character to arrive in the famous battle royale, Fortnite. Jinx is the latest in a long line of crossovers with other video games. Fortnite has only just added characters from games like Tomb Raider and Resident Evil. Now, League of Legends is making an appearance … Read more

A League of Legends PUBG Crossover Is Coming

League of Legends and PUBG Mobile are crossing over in a surprising new collaboration. Riot Games has been going all out to promote its new Netflix show, Arcane. And now, it’s even crossing over with other games for the first time ever, the first being PUBG Mobile. The companies behind each game announced the collab … Read more