Bella Thorne Wants To Play Lady Deadpool In Upcoming Sequel

Bella Thorne has said she would want to play Lady Deadpool in the upcoming third Deadpool movie sequel. Not much is known about Deadpool 3, but we do know it’s in the works. It’s being directed by Shawn Levy, director of Free Guy and The Adam Project. It’ll obviously see Ryan Reynolds return as the … Read more

Concept Art Reveals How Deadpool Could Have Appeared In Shang-Chi

A concept artist for Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings has shared the story behind a piece depicting Deadpool and Proxima Midnight. Shang-Chi was one of Marvel’s best big screen releases since Endgame. Starring Simu Liu, the film follows his origins as a superhero. However, one particular scene could have been very different … Read more

Ryan Reynolds Offers Deadpool 3 Release Date Update

Deadpool 3 release date updates are reportedly coming sooner rather than later, according to a recent interview given by Ryan Reynolds. Ryan Reynolds has been doing the rounds for press on The Adam Project, his upcoming Netflix sci-fi movie. However, he’s also offered an interesting update on Deadpool 3. The movie was officially announced by … Read more

Ryan Reynolds Insists Deadpool Isn’t In Doctor Strange: Multiverse Of Madness

Ryan Reynolds is insistent that Deadpool is definitely not in the upcoming Doctor Strange movie, though he doesn’t leave us totally convinced. Fans have been speculating on character introductions for Doctor Strange: Multiverse Of Madness ever since the trailer dropped last week. One such theory is that Deadpool appears on the poster for Doctor Strange: … Read more